Alexandra Torissi | Store Launch

In charge of the social media outreach of Alexandra Torissi's store opening. Used a combination of techniques, with a heavy use of social engagement. From this, I reached a wide range of online users who were interested in attending. The store opening created positive results. Over one hundred guests attended the launch party, produced over $1000 in sales and a continuous growth in profit after opening. This was due to the different uses of integrated marketing.

  • Wrote elusive caption to intrigue audiences to follow us to find out more information.
  • Engagement is key to bringing brand awareness. I constantly reached out on social media to create a dialogue that promoted our products but in a natural conversational way.
  • Always made sure to constantly post on social media to promote the event but in a non-aggressive way.
  • After store opening, continued to capture customers through interesting pictures with captions that were witty, asked engaging questions and announced promotions to draw potential buyers to boutique.